The Next Release

by jan on 26.04.2012 at 15:02:36

As there are some people asking about the next version based on Ubuntu 12.04: Yes, there will be a new version released shortly after Ubuntu's final release. It won't be a LTS version, though, as it contains software from the universe repository that is not supported as long. But I can tell you, that it will definitely be better than the current release - for example many of the GNOME apps are updated to new versions and LightDM is now used as a display manager, so auto-login works perfectly… Stay tuned!

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#1 by ange on 26.04.2012 at 17:49:36
Great news! I hope it will be more stable than 11.10 was. Waiting for release!

#2 by nonymous on 26.04.2012 at 22:25:31
Nice. does it contain gnome 3.4 ? because if doesn't I don't mind waiting.( synaptic, gdebi, gconf-editor .. ).

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As there are a few people getting some information about the following adaptation in light of Ubuntu 12.04: Yes, there will be another rendition discharged not long after Ubuntu's last discharge. It won't be a LTS rendition, however, as it contains programming from the universe store that is not upheld as long. Be that as it may, I can let you know, that it will be superior to the present discharge - for instance a hefty portion of the GNOME applications are refreshed to new forms and LightDM is currently utilized as a show director, so auto-login works superbly

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The GNOME applications are refreshed to new forms and LightDM is currently utilized as a show administrator, so auto-login works perfectly,,,, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

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